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Sonja Ciotti’s poetry career started in 1993 when a poem about a sunset she wrote as a fourth grader from rural Illinois was chosen as an official selection for a youth poetry anthology. Indeed, a poet was born. It wasn’t until she was much older and wiser (so probably in sixth grade) that she realized the work of every one of her fourth grade classmates who wrote a poem had been included in the anthology as well. Too late. The fourth grade spark ignited a lifelong love for reading and writing poetry.

In her undergraduate studies, Sonja minored in English and double majored, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Geology. She continued on to earn her Master of Science degree in Marketing and has worked on branding and commercial writing projects for Fortune 500 companies. But in the quiet moments, Sonja can be found jotting down her poignant and humorous life observations, patching them together in the most beautiful artistic medium – the written word.


A One-Star Night

In this witty and unorthodox poetry collection, Sonja takes the reader on an amusing journey through everyday life events such as picking up the mail, dealing with corporate jargon, recalling the perks of being a kid, and loving/being tortured by the great outdoors.

Big Rain, Little Umbrella

In her second poetry collection, Sonja explores more of the usually unexplored side of life – from campfires to cosmic questions. Cheeky and timely, this collection offers a relatability and soulfulness that is sure to strike a chord and spark a smile in the midst of these turbulent times.


Sonja returns with her wildly quirky perspectives, having lived and shared an entire year through the lens of 31-syllable tanka poetry. The series became a hit on social media; here you will find all of those favorites plus many more previously unpublished tanka poems.

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