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Sonja Ciotti

Author of bestselling and entertaining poetry collections, A One-Star Night; Big Rain, Little Umbrella, and 31: The Year I Documented in Tanka Poems, Sonja collects every day observations and turns them into curious works of literary art. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies as a commercial writer, Sonja honed her style as a shrewd humorist. But it was in a farming town in rural Illinois where she got her writing start. 

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31: The Year I Documented in Tanka Poems

Poetry Anthology

Beloved poet, Sonja Ciotti, returns in her third collection with her oddly fun perspectives through a year-long project documenting (nearly) daily observations in short form poetry. Finding herself too wordy to master 17-syllable haiku, Sonja discovered the sweet spot in 31-syllable tanka. The series became a hit on social media; here you will find all of those favorites plus many more previously unpublished tanka poems.

highly acclaimed!

Big Rain, Little Umbrella

Poetry Anthology

Sonja returns with more quirkily insightful perspectives in this second collection of unorthodox poetry. Join her in exploring everything from the hilarious awkwardness of growing up to the cosmic questions a backyard campfire “sparked” (ba dum chhhhhh). This series includes selections such as To the Boy Who Rejected Me at the Church Dance, Social Distancing Before it was Cool, Tales of an Only Child, and many more. Witty and timely, Big Rain, Little Umbrella offers a relatability and soulfulness that is sure to strike a chord, spark a smile, and stick in your thoughts during these turbulent times.

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By sonja ciotti

A One-Star Night

Poetry Anthology

With a humorous, subversive, yet poignantly touching flair, Sonja Ciotti has crafted her world-observations into accessible and entertaining poetry. She takes the reader on an amusing journey through everyday life events such as picking up the mail, dealing with corporate jargon, recalling the perks of being a kid, and loving/being tortured by the great outdoors. Underneath the witty demeanor of these observations about life, people, and nature hides a depth of soul that resonates on an authentic and empathetic level.
A delightful book of charmingly framed moments! Poets and writers, take note—Sonja writes with a style that is both real and vulnerable, infectiously inspirational, and refreshingly original. You’ll feel like you’ve spent a year with a dear friend, wishing the visit wouldn’t end.

– matt wright, author, on 31

Enlightening, entertaining, and addictive!  Sonja Ciotti’s third poetry collection, 31, is a thought-provoking and soul-touching look at life. She takes the reader on an candid exploration of topics including insomnia, comfortable friendships, therapeutic driving, social media, the pandemic, and poignant moments of parenting. Many of her poems hit home with me so much that I’d like to put them on my office wall.  I bet other readers will feel the same! 

– Sharon o’Donnell, author, on 31

A warm, quirky, off-the-wall and yet eloquent series of poetical observations. Humorous and sometimes poignant, this is a thoroughly enjoyable book.  Each poem is short and punchy, getting to its point smoothly and lingering in your mind afterwards for your deeper consideration. Seriously – buy it. It’s a fun, sweet book.

– A. McCullough on A One-Star Night

It was honestly pretty fantastic. I am a poetry snob so that’s a high compliment.

– A. Zetterquist on Big Rain, Little Umbrella

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